Million Dollar House Flip – 6 Month Before and After Home Remodel 2020

Million Dollar House Flip – 6 Month Before and After Home Remodel 2020

This is not just another California house flip. This is our own home remodel time lapse, and we put a lot more thought into it, and it took way longer than any of my usual major home remodel. This video takes you from the day we purchased the house, through 6 months of full house remodel, to the day before we moved in. This million dollar house tour shows you how we transformed the tiny 50 year old kitchen to a large open kitchen with a 10 foot island and how we changed the layout of the master bedroom to fit in a large walk-in closet and a large ensuite. This home renovation time lapse also shows you how we converted part of the garage into a new home theater. The before and after house renovation will provide you a lot of inspiration on a full house remodel. It was not easy to sum up 6 months of home remodel time lapse into an 18-minute million dollar house tour, but I had a lot of fun working on it.

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