Profitable Real Estate Investing I Nick Huber l Pomp Podcast #453

Investment Strategies
This is an episode of The Pomp Podcast with host Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano and guest, Nick Huber, an entrepreneur and investor.

In this conversation, Nick and Anthony discuss advantages to real estate, how cash out refinancing works, why bonus depreciation is your friend, and the logic behind Nick’s focus on self-storage facilities.

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0:00 – Intro
0:17 – Background
01:46 – Investing in Real Estate
03:11 – Types of Real Estate
04:34 – Why Self-Storage?
05:21 – How to Improve Self-Storage Value
08:18 – Cash Out ReFi
15:57 – Debt Level Philosophies
17:47 – Depreciation and Tax Advantages
21:32 – Bonus Depreciation
23:42 – Difficulty Level
25:13 – Customer Service
26:15 – Technology Competitors?
2815 – Getting Started
29:29 – Portfolio Construction
30:50 – Writing
32:55 – Where to find Nick
33:43 – Most Important Book You’ve Read?
34:54 – Aliens. Believer?
35:32 – Question For Pomp

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