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Will there be a housing crash? Is real estate market going to crash? What is the real estate market in California like? Should I become a real estate agent in 2021?
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2020 has come to an end. After a year that felt more like a decade, where has the real estate market arrived at? Is this a buyer’s market or a seller’s market and what does that mean for real estate agents?

Right now, the real estate market has led to an all time low with interest rates. This means that home loans are now more affordable than ever giving home buyers more opportunity to purchase their dream home.

With less people people selling, the supply of homes are short which means listers have the opportunity to encourage multiple bidders on their property.

But, what does this mean for 2021?

Will buyers still have access to low interest rate home loans?

Will sellers still have bidding wars over their homes?

Should you invest in a real estate license to take advantage of the future market?

Good question. You might want to start looking at real estate schools.

To find out what we’re predicting will happen in the 2021 real estate market, watch the full video.

00:00 – Introduction
00:30 – What is the current market like? (2020)
02:28 – What are current housing prices like?
04:08 – What will the future real estate market look like? (2021)
05:48 – One small thing to help you win in 2021
07:04 – One last thing…

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