“The Basics” of Subject-To Investing and Buying Real Estate Subject-To

Buying Real Estate
Let’s the back to “The Basics” of Subject-To Investing and Buying Real Estate Subject-To!

I am often criticized because I have a tendency to speak about subject-to investing as if everyone should just know what I’m talking about. So in this video, I’m going back to the basics of subject-to investing and I’m going to explain precisely what subject-to real estate investing is, who the players are in a subject-to deal and what the process of buying a house subject-to looks like.

Buying a house subject-to does not have to be a mystery. The creative financing strategy is often mislabeled as “illegal” or unethical, but nothing can be further from the truth. Not only is subject-to investing legal in all 50 states in the U.S., but it is often the only option to help a homeowner get out of sticky situation where the homeowner has to sell a property, but he or she might not have enough equity in their home to be pay for all of the costs associated with selling a house using traditional means like for sale by owner or a real estate agent.

Let’s talk subject-to real estate investing with me, Jeff Coffman!

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Download my Subject-to Profitability Calculator: https://sub2empire.com/subject-to-profitability-calculator
Download the Mind Map used in this video here: https://links.sub2empire.com/0Lg

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