Getting The Right Insurance For Fix And Flip Properties

When buying any property, for your safety, you need to make sure the house is insured. For real estate investors, when buying their next investment, not only should they make sure the house is insured before closing, but also make sure they are insured correctly. Many real estate investors can make mistakes on the type of insurance they receive for their investment properties, so here at Pine Financial Group, we like to ensure that you are absolutely getting the correct coverage. This week, Justin sits down with Associates Agents representative, Chelsea Hoycott, to discuss what the correct type of insurance looks like on an investment property. They discuss the different types of insurance, the amount of coverage you may want, how long you’ll want the policy for, pricing, and more!

Need a great agent to help you get insured on your next investment property? Reach out to Associated Agents and they can help you get the correct policy in place and work as fast as you may need them to. You can contact them through, or through phone at 303-991-7180.

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