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How They Got to Flipping 200 Homes A Year ft. GG Homes Founders, Phil Green and Christie Green on Founders Club.


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What does it take to large, voluminous fix and flip business?  

On today’s show, we have Christie Green and Phil Green, in-laws and the founders of the incredibly successful GG Homes, who share how they transitioned from real estate agent to investor, how they scaled up their business to 200 fix and flips annually, and how they have systematized operations using some of the coolest and latest tools.

In today’s show, Christie and Phil reveal how you can rapidly scale up a real estate investing business. From hiring the right people to finding the right deal to negotiating the best offer, Christie and Paul share what all they do to ensure the smooth and efficient functioning of GG Homes.

They also share their process for finding the best deals and pushing higher conversions.

We hope you enjoy this show!

Key Takeaways:

00:05 – Phil and Christie’s background information 
01:21 – Transitioning from being a real estate agent to an investor
02:24 – How did Phil crack his first deal?
04:18 – How to vet and partner up with the right investors
05:00 – How moving fast can help you compete with the likes of  Zillow
07:36 – What is the typical timeframe to close after an agent brings a new deal to the table?
09:07 – How an evicted tenant ended up costing Phil and Christie in six figures
10:20 – Making $150,00 on a $100,000 investment!
14:12 – Are there any downsides to working with your family members?
17:00 – How presenting the same deal in different ways can help drive conversions
21:12 – Are the majority of deals through MLS? What is the proportion of off-market deals?
27:00 – Crunching the numbers – expert tips for analyzing deals
29:18 – What is the best place for finding deals? Any specific channels that are outperforming?
32:04 – Finding distressed deals and highly motivated sellers
34:03 – Which skip tracking systems work the best?
35:27 – What is the best way to contact a lead on Facebook?
38:40 – Using a predictive index for employee onboarding and role alignment 
45:48 – Phil and Christie share their agent onboarding process
56:48 – How to stack and analyze data to find highly motivated sellers
59:26 – Which are the data providers that they rely on?
01:00:21 – Using list stacking software to crunch the numbers
01:08:23 – Which CRM do they use to stay on top of things?
01:10:53 – Phil and Christie share their growth plans
01:19:40 – How do they finance their deals?
01:28:08 – What is the one thing they wish they knew when they started?

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