10 Reasons Why LAND is the BEST Future Proof Investment

Investment Strategies
If somebody asked you to name a great investment, what would be the first thing you’d think of?
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In this Alux.com video we will be answering the following questions:
What’s the best investment?
Which is best real estate or raw land?
Is raw land investing good?
How can I invest in raw land?
Is buying undeveloped land a good investment?
Why land is a good investment?
What is a raw land?
Is land a better investment than stocks?
What is raw land flipping?
What can I do with undeveloped land?
What is the best investment?
How can I make my land profitable?
Should I buy farm land?
Is it cheaper to build a home than buy one?
How much is an acres of land?
Is flipping land profitable?
Why a house is a bad investment?
How do you build land for commercial use?
How can I get rich in 5 years?
Does money double every 7 years?
Why is property better than shares?
Can you build on raw land?
How do you flip raw land?
What is the difference between raw land and improved land?
What are the benefits of owning land?
Which is better flat or plot?
Should I buy land then build later?
What is the difference between developed and undeveloped land?
How much does it cost to clear a wooded lot?

00:00 – Intro
00:59 – It gains value better than real estate
03:00 – Demand’s going up — supply’s staying still
04:02 – It’s easier to predict than other asset classes
05:02 – It’s as low maintenance as you can get
06:07 – Pick the right area, and the profits could be huge
07:16 – Agricultural land is a great investment too
07:55 – You can make money from it before you sell it
08:44 – Low barriers to entry
09:20 – Less competition from other buyers
09:55 – You can do the whole process online
10:59 – Question

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