Greater Lansing Real Estate Market 2020 | December Edition | Century 21 Looking Glass

Selling Real Estate
Thinking about selling your home or moving to Lansing, Michigan and wondering how the housing market has been doing?

Even after Covid, we are seeing some positive metrics for home sellers. But, if you’re thinking about buying, truth be told, it’s one of the WORST housing markets for home buyers.

How is the real estate market performing? Get an idea so you can make your own prediction for what the 2021 real estate market holds.

In this video, I’ll talk about…

00:47 – Housing Market On Monthly Basis For December 2020 Vs December 2019
2:24 – Housing Market December 2020 On Rolling Basis. End Of Year Update
4:55 – Overall Real Estate Market Value For 2020
5:35 – Our Analysis and Prediction For the 2020 and 2021 Housing Market

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