How to Get Private Money for Real Estate Step-By-Step

One of the biggest questions we get is “how can I find private money?” On today’s show, we’re bringing in an expert to walk you through the process of getting private money, step by step.

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One of the biggest questions we get is “how can I find private money?” This is a complex question, because not only does it involve strategy, but also crucial mindset shifts. On today’s show, we’re bringing in an expert to walk you through the process of getting private money, step-by-step.

Austin Rutherford is a 7-figure real estate investor who has done over $15 million in private money deals. In this video, Austin is walking you through his exact strategy. You’re going to learn where to find private money, how to talk to lenders, and so much more!

Austin explains that in order to get private money, there’s a huge mindset shift you must undergo. When searching for funding, you are not asking for money. Instead, you’re presenting an opportunity. There are people out there who have a lot of money just sitting in bank accounts, or tied up in other low performing investments. Many of these people know nothing about private money, and Austin says it’s a disservice to not educate them on how they could make higher returns.

Since many potential lenders don’t know about private money, you have to be prepared to answer a lot of questions. You’ll need to know how to educate your lenders on how to access their funds, how they are protected, and why private money might be the best option for them. Educate yourself first so that you have the opportunity to educate your private money partners.

If you want to find private money for real estate, you have to put yourself in situations with people who could potentially have funds available. Meetups are a great place to start, but this is also something that you should have in the back of your mind as you live your life. Instead of going to a dive bar, perhaps you could go to a country club. Sit at the bar and make conversations. Most importantly, remember that you are presenting an opportunity.

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