Strange Housing Stats: What is Complicating the Real Estate Market in 2021

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In the first episode of TL:DR, Randy and Scott discuss March record highs and lows, hide under inventory graphs and bemoan millennials’ bad timing. He covers the new NAR data for March, this year’s record highs, and where the YoY data may be misleading you. He also explains where the shortages are coming from, why there’s a massive demand, and how all these statistics will influence millennials. Listen to learn what factors are complicating the market, why homes are selling above the listing price, and why America has become unaffordable.

You’ll learn:
How to cipher through the complicated YoY data as March is now compared to the start of the pandemic
Why it’s important to recognize what numbers may be misleading you
What factors are influencing selling price
How to prepare for upcoming obscure real estate statistics
What the home shortage means for millennials
What factors are currently complicating the market
Why America is being increasingly unaffordable

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Special guest: Scott Brixen, SVP @ ListReports®
Host: Randy Shiozaki, Co-founder & CPO @ ListReports®

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