Slumlord Real Estate Scammer Lied & Tried to Sell Us a Condemned House | Landlords From Hell 11

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BEWARE real estate scams are everywhere when you are investing in real estate. From house scams on craigslist to real estate fraud schemes. The real estate fraud red flags are everywhere. In rental real estate investing we always say trust, but verify. In the 11th episode of The Landlords From Hell Show the HoltonWiseTV team is doing an inspection on a home we were under contract to buy from a tired landlord. This landlord, more accurately described as a slumlord had described the house to us as a rental property that just needed a little bit of work to get it rent ready. Upon arrival it became clear to us that this was a real estate scam and that it was a condemned house. Buying condemned houses is a totally different ballgame from buying other distressed properties. Only a bad landlord would allow their investment property to be condemned by the city. This housing scam could have gotten us had we not done the proper due diligence before buying this home.



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