The Land Flipping Business Model in 20 Minutes

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Table of Contents
0:00 – Intro
1:01 – How Land Flippers Create Win-Win-Win Scenarios
2:26 – Step 1: Market Research
5:01 – Step 2: Direct Mail Marketing for Motivated Sellers
7:35 – Step 3: Lead Processing
8:14 – Step 4: Due Diligence
10:35 – Step 5: Closing the Acquisition
13:22 – Step 6: List, Promote and Sell the Property
16:23 – Seller Financing (Optional)
20:27 – Learn more at

Market Research:

Blind Offers:

How I Find Motivated Sellers (And Get Them Calling Me). Step 1: Getting The List

Price Boss Review: How to Calculate the Value of Land

A Closer Look at My Blind Offer Template

Closing In-House

How to Close a Cash Land Transaction In-House (Full DIY Instructions!)

The State-by-State Guide to Real Estate Closing Agents

How to find land specialized real estate agents:

If you’ve ever wondered what the typical “lifecycle” looks like for a raw land deal, I spent some time putting together a detailed framework for all the aspiring land flippers out there, in an effort to make it abundantly clear how the process works.

Of course, this is just one model that can be followed. This is the way I do it, but not every land investor goes through these exact motions (though from what I’ve seen, most of us follow a pretty similar set of steps). As I’ve been working in this business over the past decade, this is the most systematic and sustainable way I’ve been able to nail down so far.

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