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Welcome back to our YouTube Channel! This video features an exciting check in on Bert’s investing strategy. For the last 5 months, Bert and his wife have been buying 1 share each of a Dividend King every Monday since March 15, 2021. In total, they have bought OVER $10,000 worth of this company’s stock!

Investing consistently is critical to growing your diividend income. Our goal is to reach financial freedom by investing in undervalued dividend stocks. You can’t see your passive income grow if your cash is sitting on the sidelines, right?! So we are always looking to put our cash to work buying income producing assets.

In this video, we will review Bert and his wife’s weekly purchase strategy. This includes showing the total number of shares purchased, the cost basis and market value of the investment, and the dividend income added. Further, we then run the company through our Dividend Stock Screener to see if the company is still an undervalued dividend stock to buy!

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►Fundrise – Dividend Diplomats Use this for Real Estate Investing:

The strategy has been great and allowed us to turn off the noise of investing. We are not trying to time the stock market. Rather, we have automated the invest to enure we are investing on a weekly basis in the stock market.

One of the benefits of the strategy is that our current cost basis is significantly below the company’s current stock price, as we demonstrate in the video. This is because we have been consistently buying the stock, whether the price increases or decreases. We bought many shares when the company’s stock price was in the low $160s. Therefore, we are sitting in a nice unrealized gain position now that the company is trading in the high $170s.

Overall, we could not be happier with the strategy and will continue buying 1 share each every week!!

What do you think of the results from my investment strategy? Are you doing the same? Are you stating invested in the stock market, no matter what, by buying one stock a week or per month? Share your feedback below, cannot wait to hear your thoughts, feedback and questions!

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As always, we recommend conducting your own research to make your own decisions

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