Using a Solo 401(k) Plan To Buy Real Estate

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Why use your Individual 401(k) (also known as Solo 401(k)) to buy real estate? There are many opportunities you’ll receive when establishing an Individual 401(k). It’s just like a traditional 401(k), but is especially designed for someone who is self-employed or has a business with no full-time employees other than themselves, a spouse or other business partner.

There are only two eligibility requirements for establishing an Individual 401(k). First, you need to have some self-employment income. In other words, you can’t be retired or generate passive investment income. The second is that you cannot have any full-time employees except for yourself, a business partner or a spouse.

Why make a real estate investment with an individual 401(k)?

1. Tax-deferral: You don’t pay tax; you always defer taxes. This is attractive for real estate because of gains and income.

2. Use leverage to buy real-estate: If you use an IRA to buy real estate, you pay UBTI tax. With an individual 401(k), you can use a nonrecourse loan, combine it with your IRA and purchase your real estate. When you use an individual 401(k), you don’t have to pay UBTI taxes.

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Self-Direct Your Retirement

Self-Direct Your Retirement

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