26 Doors in Her FIRST Year of Real Estate Investing

Investment Strategies
Amelia didn’t have formal training on real estate investing. She wasn’t a broker, an agent, or a contractor; none of her family invested in real estate either. You could say that Amelia had to take a ‘’leap of faith” to begin her real estate investing career, a leap that has paid off quickly.

Within her first year as a real estate investor, Amelia was able to close on 26 doors! This is by no means a small number, and has taken many investors decades to reach. So, how did she do it so fast? By leveraging social media, systematizing her property management, and being open to partnerships, Amelia has been able to build a portfolio that replaced her W2 and will allow her to retire within only a few years.

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The New Investor’s Simplified Guide to Landing a First Investment Property

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Episode 111

Show notes at: https://www.biggerpockets.com/rookie111

0:00 Intro
4:50 Acquiring 26 Doors with NO Experience
7:05 Catching The Real Estate Bug
11:44 Partnering with the Parentals
14:59 Financing Bigger Deals
23:22 Pushing Past Fear
25:56 Software and Systems
27:29 Investing Locally
29:14 Rookie Deal
39:22 Mindset Segment
41:26 Rookie Request Line
44:55 Random Questions
48:21 Rookie Rockstar

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