Buying a Home In Ecuador: Land, House or Condo (2021)

Buying Real Estate
The process for buying a home in Ecuador, whether it’s a piece of land, a house or a condo, is quite a bit different than the United States and other countries. Thankfully, we were able to sit down with Ryan Kelly from Ecuador Shores Realty in Manta Ecuador to answer a long list of questions and walk us through the process of buying a home in Ecuador.

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Key Moments
0:00 Intro
0:35 Buying Property in Ecuador
3:11 Placing An Offer in Ecuador
5:44 Deposits in Ecuador
06:56 Transferring Money to Ecuador
09:23 Property Inspections in Ecuador
10:25 Title Search Companies in Ecuador
11:55 HOA’s in Ecuador
12:42 Financing in Ecuador
15:05 Homeowner Insurance in Ecuador
17:23 Commissions in Ecuador
17:55 Timing The Buying Process in Ecuador
19:09 Registration Process in Ecuador
20:16 Possible Additional Fees
21:58 Conclusion

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